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We are concerned with the CDC’s recent recommendations for vaccinated people not to wear masks in most public environments. Particularly with the agency’s ableist position that appears to reinforce the medical industry’s history of eugenics. Those most vulnerable in our communities are not disposable. The CDC […]
Listen to Indigenous Mutual Aid organizers on the Indigenous Action podcast: Indigenous Mutual Aid frontline organizers share their experiences and thoughts from a year of being on the ground in their communities responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our host Klee (Kinłani Mutual Aid) and guests […]
Zine: How to start an Indigenous Mutual Aid COVID-19 Relief Project. PDF Online Readable. (548KB) PDF Print/Imposed Zine Format (444KB) Compiled by & Written Spring 2020, updated Spring 2021 We decided to create this guide as we found that most resources currently available for […]