Our request form is closed and we are no longer distributing funds at this moment. Please check links below for other resources or contact us directl. Ahe’ hee’!

Funds we’ve distributed so far by region and amount:


Dinétah: Independent organizing, mutual aid supplies and delivery for Medicine practitioners - $600
Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa: Mutual aid organizing for Gitchigumi Scouts - $650
Dinétah: Ké’ Infoshop - $1,000
Dinétah: Camp Red Sleeves Mutual Aid Fund - $500
Pine Ridge: Mothers Against Meth alliance, Mutual aid organizing -  $400
Dinétah: Diné Land and Water Covid-19 mutual aid - $400
Wind River:
Little Wind & Mesiah: Regeneration on the Reservation - $1,000
Lenapehoking: Indigenous Kinship Collective - $1500
Occupied Pueblo lands of "Albuquerque, New Mexico": Autonomous mutual aid organizing, supply and mask making - $375
Attakapa-Ishak Lands (Rayne, Louisiana): Louisiana Rise,United Houma Nation/ Attakapa-Ishak Nation mutual aid organizing - $1,000
Shikaakwa (occupied lands of Chicago): Chi-Nations Youth Council mutual aid organizing - $1,000
Dinétah: Autonomous mutual aid support for Big Mountain area and "Hopi Partitioned Lands" elders and resisters - $1,500
Pahá Sápa (Black Hills South Dakota/ Rapid City): Autonomous mutual aid on Lakota Lands - $500
Ysleta del sur pueblo / Raramuri territory (So called "el paso / ciudad juarez”):  Mutual aid for migrant indigenous communities - $1,000