Indigenous Mutual Aid groups:

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We’re working to ensure that all groups listed are Indigenous led mutual aid and not charity, Christian-based, large non-profit front groups, or associated with law-enforcement agencies. Please note that some of the groups listed are radical mutual aid efforts and others may be comprised of larger “tribal” authorities.

Active Indigenous Mutual Aid groups are listed at the top. Those in BOLD RED are active members of our network. UPDATED: 2/25/22

South Sound Street Medics

Location: Set Chas. (Olympia, Wa)
Donations: Venmo @southsoundstreetmedics
ABOUT: The South Sound Street Medics is an indigenous led street medic organisation that provides care to underserved communities and organisations promoting social justice, earth justice and tribal sovereignty movements. We do this through direct action support, community care, gathering traditional medicine plants and needed supplies and providing resistance camp support. Recently we also started training street medics for water protector and land defender camps with recent trainings conducted at camps in Minnisota. We operate entirely on tdonations and the kindness of others. As long as we can get there we will provide our trainings for free to all those who stand with us to protect our sacred mother against corporate greed.

Red Sleeves Mutual Aid

Location: Diné, Tiwa, and Apache Homelands
Donation Links:
About: We build solidarity with unsheltered refugees of settler colonialism in occupied northern new mexico. We distribute personal hygiene kits, handwashing stations, showers, hand sanitizer, masks, food, water, sleeping gear, clothing, temporary shelter, cooling/heating relief, and first aid. We lovingly do this work out of a camp setting as we refuse to participate (as much as possible) in our own genocide and perpetuate settler colonialism or capitalism another moment. Until their so-called civilization is no more and the hearts of the people are healed, we rage, build, and move towards freedom.

Desert Indigenous Collective

Location: Akimel O’odham and the Xalychidom Piipaash (occupied Phoenix, AZ)
Donations: Venmo: @Desert-Indigenous-Collective, Cash App: $DesertIndigenous
About: In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, a group of Indigenous folks in the so-called Phoenix area have organized to create the Desert Indigenous Collective (DIC). The group is currently setting up a mutual aid network to assist communities at the greatest risk of the virus which would include Elderly, Houseless, Immunocompromised, and Marginalized communities. This collective hopes to support these at risk communities by redistributing resources and by reducing their exposure to the virus.

Frontline Medics

Location: Occupied Tongva, Chumash & O’odham territory
Link: Instagram @frontlinemedics Facebook:
Donations: Paypal:
: Born from women within Standing Rock in the fight against the Dakota access pipeline, we are an Indigenous led network of medically trained women of color from across Turtle Island committed to providing care for our communities of resistance with aid and support. For years since standing rock we have autonomously been providing on the ground medic support, trainings & mutual aid disaster relief work for land defense efforts & Indigenous communities in many territories including across the border & in the Caribbean.

Sin Fronteras 1312

Memories of El Monte Community Arts and Mutual Aid
Location: Houtngna, the place of the willow, Tonga territory (10908 Garvey Ave. El Monte, California 91733)
Link: @memoriesofelmonte
About: Free food, water, clothes, ppe, a/c, wifi, printing. music lessons, support circles, prisoner writing sessions, food sovereignty workshops, popular education and more.  Open Wednesday-Saturday 2-8p. FTP 24/7.

Para Todus Hit

Location: Guam/Guahan – Marianas Islands/Laguas Yan Gani
Donations: Paypal:
: Para Todus Hit is a small collective of indigenous CHamoru, Palauan, and other allies residing in the occupied territory of Guahan. Our collective took shape during the first few months of island-wide shutdowns/lockdowns during the onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic. We came together as unemployed working-class and poor individuals who were concerned about the wellbeing of our community. We advocated and raised community awareness for a rent freeze/rent forgiveness and eviction moratorium for the island of Guam. We then evolved to helping local families left unemployed and/or additionally vulnerable by the pandemic with hygiene items and emergency food, especially for children. Most goods imported to Guam have high prices and it is difficult for families who are unemployed, already struggling, or living on a fixed income to continue to provide for their basic needs.
Currently we focus on raising funds to provide local families with diapers and wipes for infants and elderly and/or disabled adults; hygiene kits for adults (each kit includes shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, lotion, toothbrush, floss, toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, pads, and condoms), and redistributing donated goods (recently we have helped provide donated clothing for children, towels, disinfectant wipes and antibacterial cleaners, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper).
We are working to provide local families with reusable cloth diapers made from repurposed materials, to help provide for basic hygiene needs while reducing the amount of manufactured waste and the overall cost.
Our vision is simply stated in the phrase “Chenchule’ Not Charity,” referring to the deeply rooted CHamoru practice of chenchule’, or reciprocal giving and community care.

Little Wind & Mesiah: Regeneration on the Reservation

Location: Wind River Reservation (central-western portion of occupied Wyoming).
Links: Instagram: @soilmerotten
Donations:, Venmo: Mesiah Sweetgrass, Paypal:
About: We are a two-spirit couple on the Wind River Reservation home to The Northern Arapaho and Earth Shoshone. We are utilizing our organizing skills to support our community in being able to follow the “stay at home order” as we have now served around 3,000 people we are focused on long-term solutions to restore our homelands by regenerating our soil and cleaning our water. Our goal is to remind our people of our power and what is possible when we show up for our healing and each other.

Kinłani/Flagstaff Mutual Aid

Location: Occupied Kinłani (so-called “Flagstaff, Arizona” and Northern “Arizona”)
Donations:, Venmo: @kinlanimutualaid
About: Kinłani/Flagstaff Mutual Aid is an all-volunteer community response to the threat of Covid-19. We have organized a hub to coordinate volunteers to collect and distribute necessary resources to those most vulnerable in our community and support unsheltered relatives. This group is created for autonomous relief organizing based on the principles of mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action.


Defend Our Community

Location: Dinétah (Leupp area so-called Arizona), (928) 606-1857
Donation links:

Defend Our Community is a small group of 8 people who have been raised in the community of Leupp. “It all started when Monica had the great idea of delivering important items to our elders during this Coronavirus pandemic. Emmy & I started gathering items in the nearby town of Flagstaff using our own funds to get for these care packages. We started our first deliveries on Thursday May 21st. We split up in to 2 groups and starting driving to the outlying areas, miles and miles or dirt roads we traveled. We have focused on delivering these packages to elders 70 years and older. Alot of the elders do not have running water or electricity and speak little to no english. Our packages include: 1 box of essential items (6-9pack toilet paper, 2 paper towels, disposable masks and gloves, 2 disinfectant wipes, 1 med hand sanitizer, dish soap, hand soap, matches & cloth masks), 1 box of food ( canned food, beans, flour, sugar, coffee, etc), 1 gallon of Clorox, 1 gallon of water and 1 case of bottled water. Alot of these elderly live alone and have yet to receive any type of assistance, so they were so appreciative of the items they received. We do instruct our elders in Navajo on how to properly wear a mask, the use of hand sanitizer and disposable gloves. In 1 week we were able to deliver 61 packages. We have been using our personal vehicles to deliver these packages directly to them. We still have 16 packages to deliver to homes and have yet to do any follow-up packages to the elderly who are in much need of assistance. Our supplies are dwindling, donations are sporadic, so at times we have to use our own funds to provide items for these packages.”

Nihi K’é Baa’ (For Our Relatives) Mutual Aid

Location: Dinétah (Navajo Nation, Northern area)
: makai933@gmail.comNihi K’é Baa’ Attention Kim Smith , PO Box 512 Waterflow NM, 87421
Website/link: –
Donation links:

We are a collective made up of Indigenous people, undocumented migrant relatives, womxn, femmes, LGBTQ2Spirit relatives, volunteers, community organizers, fronline workers, land defenders/water protectors who are stepping to support the ones who need it most in many ways: Indigenous mutual aid, food and water radical redistribution for the most vulnerable, pet/cattle food distribution during this pandemic, etc.
We are asking for support and solidarity not just during this Covid 19 pandemic but to use this to focus on long term support and solutions to heal our land of all the damage caused by the fossil fuel industry and by many years of extreme resource extraction, building self sustainable projects for our people, seed and food justice/sovereignty, that is our goal, our vision.

Chi-Nations Youth Council

Location: Zhigaagoong (Chicago, Illinois)
:, (773) 632-6401
Donation link:

Chi-Nations Youth Council has been working with growing our own food and medicine for the past 7 years. Last year we got access to a large piece of land we envisioned creating a healing space for Native community to reconnect to our plant medicine and our food. We started remediating the soil, built garden boxes, built a wigwam and firepit.
Chicago is a hotspot for Covid-19, many people lost their job, many people are hungry. We had to change our plan for the land, and began building more boxes than planned and began planting as much food as we can, while teaching Native community how, and helping them build gardens at home. Natives in Chicago mostly live in apartments with limited light and no access to land. We teach our people to build container gardens as well.

Our local American Indian Community Center was handing out food depository food, we seen it was full of food that wasn’t healthy or tasty. We decided to go get some berries as medicine for our people. Then we noticed a lot of families and elders unable to leave the house to get the food so we began delivering healthy food to Native families, elders and disabled. We currently serve over 70 American Indian, First Nation, Alaskan Native people.

Ké’ Infoshop

Location: Dinétah (Navajo Nation – Ft. Defiance, Window Rock area)
Donation link:
Venmo info:@keinfoshop

We’re a self-funded Indigenous community organizing space in the capitol
of the Navajo Nation. Besides creating a safer space to have critical
discourse and provide mutual aid towards the health and well-being of
Indigenous people, we do every-day actions such as:

+ feeding the unsheltered (so-called homeless) every Saturday morning
+ hosting talking-circles for LGBTQ2i+ or gender non-conforming relatives
+ food banking with cooking classes using organic ingredients
+ workshops on indigenous feminism and decolonial socialism
+ building a public library supporting radical indigenous discourse
+ provding free secure internet access and information security training
+ and anything else to engage our relatives in a healthy manner to critically analyze our current situation as Diné (Navajo).

Diné Land & Water

Location: Dinétah (so-called “Sanders, Arizona” and “Gallup, New Mexico” areas).
Donation link:

Dine’ Land and Water has been using its limited resources to find the products to create home made alcohol hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays, gloves and home made face masks with filters. We have been able to distribute these necessities to our immediate community and family. We see how important it is for our community to be armed and ready for the virus, and we want to continue and expand the deliveries in the Sanders area and to fellow organizers in their communities.

Mothers Against Meth alliance

Location: Pine Ridge, occupied “South Dakota.”
Donation link:

The mission of the Mothers Against Meth Alliance (M.A.M.A)
is to provide competent and compassionate advocacy, community action,
media outreach, drug education, and provide rehabilitation resources
that reflect the traditions and customs of the Lakota Nakota, and Dakota
people for all those affected by Methamphetamine addiction, their
families, and their communities.

Protect Native Elders

Location: Dinétah (Navajo Nation – Northern Area)
Contact: –
Donation link:

In Native culture, elders are the keepers of all the wisdom and
knowledge of our people. Without them, we lose some of the very things
that make us who we are. 

COVID-19 is rapidly spreading through the Native American people and
they have very few resources to fight the spread. This could decimate an
entire culture and generation of Native Elders. 

Help us stop the spread and protect the elders.

Alianza Migrante

Location: Ysleta del Sur Pueblo/ Raramuri (Occupied El Paso / Ciudad Juarez)
Donation link:

Indigenous and Migrant led mutual aid and direct action collective dedicated to providing direct support and resources to our community on both sides of the so called Ciudad Juarez, Mexico / El Paso, Texas border. We primarily try to meet the direct needs of migrant indigenous communities currently awaiting asylum in ciudad Juarez who are being affected by the “remain in Mexico policy,” prolonging their asylum cases. They often face the worst living conditions of either encampments that constantly face government harassment and forced relocation or overcrowded shelters lacking resources to provide them resources and medical care they often need after their long journeys.

Cocopah Quechan Mutual Aid

Location: Occupied Sonora, Baja California, California, and Arizona. Operations based in Yuma, Arizona
:,, Twitter: @cqmutualaid
Donation link:
Venmo: @Desert-Indigenous-Collective
Cash App: $DesertIndigenous

We are an all volunteer grassroots indigenous led group operating on Quechan and Cocopah lands regardless of borders. We are prioritizing the elderly (especially those raising their grandchildren) and families with children. We are working to help get face masks, set up handwashing and shower stations, and get laptops into the hands of kids who don’t have access.

Efforts that are currently inactive:

Northern Cheyenne Fight COVID-19

Location: Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in southeastern so-called “Montana.”
Contact: –
Donation link:

COVID-19 exposes what we have always known as Indigenous Peoples: we
are our only defense. Tribal communities have been disregarded and left
out of federal and local plans to invest resources quickly in the fight
against COVID-19. We also know that the resources to fight the spread of
the virus were never going to be equitably distributed in the first
place. Indigenous Peoples in this country have over 500 years of
experience being on the other side of the coin. But we are resilient
peoples, and this is not the first time we have faced a profound threat
to our survival.
We have over 5,000 residents on our reservation spread across five community districts. Recently, we found out that our local health center
has only 15 tests to serve our entire reservation. The adjacent communities right off our reservation are in no better shape: they have less than 20 tests each. 

Support for Native Elders

Location: Anishinaabe Aki (occupied NW MI in the lower peninsula).
Donation link:

Title Track and the Native Justice Coalition are partnering on a campaign to support elder care in Native communities amid the COVID-19 epidemic. All money raised will go toward Elder care programs and the safe delivery of non-perishable food to Native Elders in need in the northern lower Peninsula, in coordination with Elders’ Meals Program with the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians, Elders Program at Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and the Elders Department at Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians. This effort will serve a large portion of northwest and west Michigan from Emmet to Kent County. Tribal communities cover different service areas and some overlap.

Zuni Pueblo COVID-19 Relief

Location: Zuni Pueblo (so-called “New Mexico”).
Contact: –
Website/link: Instagram: @zunipueblorelief
Donation link: No online donations.
Mailing address for supplies:
Zuni Relief
House #81, Silt Road
Zuni, 87327

Help provide COVID-19 relief for the Zuni Pueblo. Ship food, hygiene productions, and PPE donations.